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     From the blood soaked plains of Manassas, to the smoke filled skies of Atlanta, and finally to the tear filled eyes at Appomattox.
     For four of the bloodiest years in the history of this Republic the war raged. It started as Yanks and Rebs, it ended as


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A Tribute To A Friend One amongst us is gone, but will never be forgotten!

A Farewell The youngest amongst us is gone. He is sorely missed!

Webmaster's Note Just a little note to tell you what this site is all about and provide site  bibliographical information.

"I am a Southerner by birth and a Rebel by choice. As I read and study, I pull for Lee, Jackson, and Longstreet. As I live, I thank Grant, Lincoln, and Democracy." Shotgun

For convenience this site is divided into the following sections:

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Civil War Battles Provides some of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion and descriptions of the major battles they pertain to. I have selected some of the reports of commanders of these battles, some reports of lesser known individuals involved in the same battles, and other reports that I like because of the individuals that wrote them.
Civil War Biographies Contains a brief biography of some of the major players in the Civil War. The bio information is primarily about their participation in the the Civil war. Pictures of the individuals are provided in most cases.
Civil War Medicine It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't good. However, it was all they had.
Civil War Potpourri This is an area that I developed to put Civil War information that just doesn't fit into any particular category. Some really great information in here.  Don't leave the site or email me for info until you check this area.  This is like a "mini" Civil War encyclopedia.
Confederate States of America This area contains almost all elements of this four year government and its actions. If it's information on the Confederacy you're looking for, be prepared to spend some time here. Lots of data and quite detailed.
Essays on the Civil War Looking for information on such things as Stuart at Gettysburg? How did Lincoln compare to Davis? Could the South have won using a different strategy? Well, you have just hit a gold mine! All of this, and more, is discussed in essays written by some fine modern day historians.
Fox's Regimental Losses If it's stats on the late Rebellion that you're looking for, you found them. Even though I don't have it all, still some good data here, including some data on some very famous units (Union). Stay tuned, I add to this beauty when I can.
Letters About The War These are never before published letters to and from young soldiers "who have seen the elephant," and their family members. If they do nothing else, they will show you just how inadequate we are today in the art of written communication.
Naval War Ever thought about how the Merrimac came to be? Just one of the things you'll find out here. Great place to learn about the Naval aspects of the late Rebellion.
Other Civil War Sites These are my very most favorite Civil War sites on the Internet.
Overview of The Civil War Looking for a site to help you with those pesky history reports? You just found it. This area has a good index to allow you to pick and choose which part of the war you are looking for while still maintaining a smooth flow from beginning to end.
Shotgun's Opinions      This area of the site is dedicated strictly to my opinions about the Civil War and life in general. I make no claim that my opinions are based on fact. They are just what the name implies, My Opinions.
The Armies This section talks about the formation the armies and the life of its soldiers.  It discusses the organization of the armies, and the pay, the rank, life in the camps, etc. for its soldiers.   If it concerned either army, or it's soldiers, it is on this page.
Western Theater Discussion Group If you ever thought about joining a Civil War Discussion Group before, you might want to consider this one.   All the campaigns, battles, and personalities in the Western Theater are discussed. 

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