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I have spent several years now roaming around on the Internet looking at the various Civil War Sites, and while there are literally hundreds of them available, most are very specialized. These are the ones I use the most. If yours is not on here and you feel like it would contribute to the folks that want to learn more about the late Rebellion, just drop me a line.   However, do not ask me to display a banner.  You will notice there are none, nor will there be, on my website.



Abraham Lincoln Research Site Excellent site!  If you have questions on Lincoln, the webmaster of this site is the one to ask.
American Civil War Good "link"  site, and not too large.
American Civil War Site Very Good site and nicely indexed.   Detailed write-ups on several Tennessee battles. 
American Civil War, "The Struggle to Preserve the Union" A very very good site.  Very nicely designed and easy to navigate.  Well worth the visit!
Antietam Discussion Group Home Page Looking for more on the Battle of Antietam? You just found it!
A.P. Hill, Confederate General By far the finest website I have seen on "Powell." You name it, it has it. Check it out, I think you will agree.
Causes of the Civil War A must site to visit when studying this question!  However, don't look for a simple answer here, since there is not one, rather just tons of good "primary" resource data. A very well done site with lots of photos and narrative dealing with the Western Theater.  You can't go wrong with this one.
Civil War Antique Preservation Society If you want to buy, sell, or just know the value of a Civil War Antique you might want to take a look at this site.  It's commercial but worth the visit.
Civil War Battlefield Photos Interesting site with lots of photos of the Eastern Theater battlefields as they appear today.
Civil War Battle Summaries Really good site to get a quick look at an overall summary of a battle. I find this site most useful when I am starting to research a particular battle that I am totally unfamiliar with. It gives name, where it took place, when, number of causalities, commanders involved, victor, and a brief summary of the battle itself.
Civil War Educational Center Now here is an interesting website.   Want to learn more on the Civil War and get a piece of paper attesting to your knowledge?  You might want to take a look at this beauty!
Civil War History Page Another interesting page.  Small now but looks like it has great potential.
Civil War in Miniature This is a great site for you High School students. This is not a "link" site, but one that has a lot of good stuff you can use for reports.
Civil War Interactive Probably the best "on line" Civil War Magazine there is. Check it out!
Civil War Letters Just a great site chocked full of letters that are presented both in the original manuscript as well as the translated text.
Civil War News The webmaster has said it all on the index page of this site, "For People With an Active Interest in the Civil War Today."  Just a fine site that is well worth the visit.
Civil War Photographs Absolutely the best site on the Internet for Civil War Photographs.
Civil War Tokens A little know aspect of the war, but one that is extremely interesting.  If you want to know more about the "currency of the time" this is the site to visit.
Civil War Virtual Battlefield Tours A very interesting site that not only takes you on a tour of a lot of battlefields but gives some very good descriptions of the battles. Well worth the visit.
Civil War Vivandieres A very interesting site about these women of the Civil War.
Civil War Weekly A very interesting site that provides the reproduction of the weekly events of the Civil War as reported in the newspapers and magazines of the time.
Chinese Serving In The Civil War What an interesting website! I have to believe that this is something that has never been looked at in this detail before.
Col. Henry T. Sisson's Civil War Page Great Site dealing with some Rhode Island units.
Confederate Regimental History Links If you're looking to research a Confederate Regiment, this is a great place to start.
Dakota State University American Civil War This is a very good starting "link" site when studying the Civil War. Its very well organized and not too many "dead links."
Dave Larson's Webpage This is truly a dandy site that includes tons of information on the 8th Georgia Infantry, 3rd Georgia Cavalry, and the 10th Alabama Infantry. What a great site for "history" enthusiasts!  Especially for those interested in the Civil War.  Looking for more of the "Official Records" than are available on my site?  You just found them!
Fourteenth Regiment, NYSM, Co. E Homepage Not only lots of info on the 14th NY, but just a ton of links to other Civil War sites.
Fredericksburg Battlefield Virtual Tour Can't make it to the battlefield? Well, here's the next best thing.
Ga Rebel's Tribute to the Civil War Lots of good pictures of some of the battlefields as they look today. Plus some interesting unexplained images for those of you that like "Civil War Ghost" stories.
George H. Thomas Homepage An excellent site on the "The Rock of Chickamauga"
General Sweeny Museum An interesting site about a museum that I didn't know was there.  It also contains a pretty good bio of Sweeny.
History Education Homepage A U.S. history reference site with special emphasis on the Civil War.  Great site for students.
J.E.'s Civil War Page A very good site maintained by a personal friend of mine. Take a look when you get the chance.
John Bell Hood Just an excellent site about one of my favorites in the war.
Locust Lawn, Civil War History A really unique way of presenting data on the Civil War.  I don't think you will be disappointed with this one.  Well worth the visit.
Longstreet Society If you are looking to learn more about Lee's "Old War Horse" this is the place.
Manassas Battlefield Probably the best site on the Internet about this battlefield and of the two battles fought there.
Man, Mountain, and Monument An excellent site about Thaddeus Lowe.   If you are the least bit interested in "balloons" in the Civil War, this is the site you've been looking for.
Medal of Honor Page While this site is not Civil War Specific, it is by far the best site on the Medal of Honor that I have seen.
Military Reading An excellent site providing lists (both books and Links) of material that deals with the military.
Missouri State Guard, Co. B., 2nd Battalion's Homepage A website about some of Missouri's finest.
Museum of Civil War Medicine One of newer museums about the Civil War also has a fine website. Give it a visit when you get the chance.
Ninth Virginia Regiment of Cavalry If you are interested in this unit, you probably won't find a better site. Lots of information about the actual unit, cavalry info,  plus reenactment information.
Poetry and Music of the War Between the States Probably the best of it's kind on the Internet. Check it out!
Rare Book Reprints Normally I don't link to a commercial site but this one has a lot to offer. Not only are the books extremely reasonably priced, there is a lot of good info here in the form of excerpts.
Robert E. Lee A very good website featuring a 41 minute audio of Lee telling the story before the war.  Well worth the visit.
Rumble on The Rappahannock Looking for a good description of the battle of Chancellorsville, including maps. Try this one.
Scots in the Civil War A really good site on a little explored area of the Civil War.
Siege of Petersburg This is as good a website as there is on this subject.
Sherman's March Through South Carolina If you think Sherman laid waste to Georgia, you should see what he did to South Carolina.
Signal Corps, Reenactor 's Division Mostly for reenactors, but also has a lot of other interesting "Signal Corps" data. 
Terrell's 37th Texas Cavalry One of the finest "reenactor" sites on the Internet with a lot of factual information about this outstanding multiracial and multiethnic unit.   Well worth the visit whether you are a reenactor or not.
Ulysses S. Grant Homepage Not a better U.S. Grant page on the Internet!
Union Army Regimental History Index Similar to the Confederate Links as far as type of information. Great place to start your search.
United States Sanitary Commission A great site to research this little known unit of the Civil War. Well worth the visit.
U.S. Civil War Center This is by far the best Civil War "link" site on the Internet. It has links to links to links.
Wilderness Battlefield Virtual Tour Another great virtual tour brought to you by the same folks that gave you the one on Fredericksburg.
Young Heroes of History You teachers might want to take a look at this site.  By a teacher for teachers, but something for all.
49 N.J. Reg't Vol's Civil War Society Just a fine site to learn about New Jersey in the Civil War.

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