Regimental Losses In the American Civil War

A Treatise On the Extent and Nature of the Mortuary Losses in the Union
Regiments.  With Full and Exhaustive Statistics Compiled From The Official
Records On File in The State Military Bureaus And At Washington

By William F. Fox, Lt. Col., U.S.V.

President Of the Society Of The Twelfth Army Corps, Late President Of The
10th N.Y. Veteran Volunteers' Association and Member of the New York
Historical Society

Albany, N.Y.
Albany Publishing Company

. . .There has been a dearth of official information regarding a certain class of regimental statistics which are essential to the history of the war, and are of interest, not only to the surviving participants, but to all who are interested in the story. Regimental affairs are of more importance to the average soldier than Corps or Army matters; and, so, an effort has been made to supply within these pages certain facts regarding regimental losses which are outside the province of the Government publications.
       It is with pleasure that acknowledgment is made of courtesies extended by the Adjutant-Generals of the various State Military Bureaus, and the Adjutant-General's office at Washington.  Without their kindly assistance the work could not have been completed.    
       No statistics are given here that are not warranted by the official records. The work represents the patient and conscientious labor of years. Days, and often weeks, have been spent on the figures of each regiment. It is hoped that before disputing any essential fact, a like careful examination of the records will be made. Having done that, if any fail to reconcile facts and statements, they will confer a favor by addressing a communication on the matter, so that an opportunity may be afforded to explain the seeming discrepancy, or, if an error, to correct it in a subsequent edition.

ALBANY, N.Y., May 1, 1888.


Chapter I This chapter deals with the casualties of war, maximum of killed in Union regiments, maximum of percentages. As you might guess, lots of tables.
Chapter II

This chapter presents the maximum of regimental loss in killed in any one battle--proportion of wounded to killed

Chapter V This chapter deals with the losses in the Civil War compared with those of European wars, Loss in each arm of the service, classification of deaths by causes, etc. Keep in mind this deals with the Union Army only!
Chapter VI The colored troops. History of their organization, their losses in battle and by disease
Chapter VII    Muster -Out Rolls --Anthropological Statistics. Very interesting. Not at all what you might think. Every thought about how tall the average Union soldier was?
Chapter VIII Union Corps Organization. Want to know a little of the history of each Union Corps that fought in the late Rebellion? This is the place.
Chapter IX This chapter deals with famous Divisions/Brigades. I have provided a selected few in this portion of the site. Again keep in mind this deals with the Union Army only!
Chapter XII

List Of Regiments And Batteries In The Union Armies With Mortuary Losses Of Each--The Number Killed And Number Of Deaths From Disease Or Other Causes.

Chapter XIV This chapter deals with the greatest battles (and many of the minor ones) of the late Rebellion. It give stats such as killed, wounded, captured, etc. Not complete yet but will be soon.
Chapter XV Confederate Losses, Strength of the Confederate Armies--Casualties in Confederate Regiments--List of Confederate Generals killed--Losses in the Confederate Navy.
Chapter XVI Conclusion. Don't be fooled by the title. Good thoughts here.

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