The Confederate States of America

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      There had been many woeful misunderstandings between North and South in the years that led up to the Civil War, but the most tragic misunderstanding of all was that neither side realized, until it was too late, that the other side was desperately in earnest. Not until the war had actually begun would men see that their rivals really meant to fight. By that time it was too late to do anything but go on fighting.
       Southerners had been talking secession for many years, and most people in the North had come to look on such talk as a counter in the game of politics. You wanted something, and you threatened that dire things would happen if you did not get what you wanted; but you didn't necessarily mean to do what you were threatening to do, and there was no sense in taking brash words at their face value. America as a nation of poker players understood all about the business of calling bluffs. Not until the guns began to go off would the North realize that when men like Jefferson Davis talked about seceding from the Union they meant every word of it.  
       The same was true, in reverse, in the South. It seemed incomprehensible there that the Federal Union meant so much in the North that millions of people would be ready to make war to preserve it. The North seemed to dislike both slavery and slave owners; to the average Southerner, it stood to reason that the North would be happy to get rid of both.   

This area of the Home of the American Civil War website is dedicated to telling the Confederate side of the story. It makes no attempt to be unbiased. It merely attempts to tell the OTHER story.
Overview of the Confederacy Great area to start your studies. Just a short description of what the Confederacy was about.
Blacks Who Fought For The South A very interesting article that appeared in the Washington Times Newspaper.
Causes of the Civil War The "Causes" of the war as viewed by the Confederates.
Cherokee Nation, Declaration of Causes Bet you didn't know that the Cherokees seceded from the Union right along with the Southern States. Well, they did. Take a look.
Confederate Heads of State This was President Davis's Cabinet.
Confederate Medical Department Not so different from the Yanks. Got a link from this page to my Civil War Medicine Page. You might want to visit that before you leave the site.
Confederate Military History  The Yanks won, the Rebs lost. The winner writes the history. Now read what you weren't taught in school. This includes the ugly word "RECONSTRUCTION!" Don't let the title fool you. A lot more here than just Military History. This is a very detailed history of the Confederacy! Excerpts from the 12 volume set.
Confederate In The Field A very interesting article written after the war by and about a young Confederate soldier who experienced his first taste of combat. Explains a lot of everyday soldier life.
Confederate Seal A little on the history of the Great Seal of the Confederacy.
Confederate Senators A list of the senators that served in the Confederate Government.
Confederate Soldier's Life A series of 5 articles that describe just what it was like to be a Confederate soldier. It takes you from his glory days in the beginning to the sorrowful days at the end and all the hardships in between.
Confederate States Constitution This version of the CSA Constitution is clearly marked to show the differences between it and the US Constitution. You will be amazed as to how alike they really were.
Confederate States Constitution Background Info An excellent place to learn just how the CSA Constitution came to be.
Confederate Negro Enlistments Except for dissent in the Confederate Congress there could have been regiment after regiment of colored troops wearing gray. Hard to believe? Take a look at this article.
Davis's Inaugural Address Not nearly famous as Lincoln's, but not bad.
Financing The Confederacy With this kind of financing, it was a miracle the Confederacy lasted as long as it did.
Flags Of The Confederacy Detailed history of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd national flags, plus the battle flag.
Florida In The Civil War Taken from Volume 11 of The Confederate Military History.
Inhumanities Of War Civil war prisons from the Confederate viewpoint.
Missouri In The Civil War A must read for all you "border" state fans. Taken from Vol. 9 (Missouri) of the Confederate Military History.
Proposal for Negro Enlistments This little proposal might just have saved the Confederacy, instead it almost cost Cleburne his career.
Recollections And Letters Of General Robert E. Lee Was the General really going to write his memoirs after the war? Well, his son thought so. Taken from the book by his son Captain Robert E. Lee.
Sherman In Georgia Great narrative about "Sherman's March to the Sea" from the Southern view point. (Taken From The Confederate Military History).
Surrender of New Orleans Great little description taken from Volume 10 of the Confederate Military History.
Surrender of the Confederate Armies Brief descriptions of the surrender of each of the major Confederate fighting units.
The End of the War Just a wonderful piece taken from John B. Gordon's book "Reminiscences of the War". If you're not Reb, you are gonna wish you were.
Typical Confederate Soldier An excellent description of a typical Confederate soldier written in 1893. He wasn't pretty, but he could fight!

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