Letters About The Civil War  
       It would seem that we in this century, with all of our telephones, fax machines, email, etc.,   have lost the art of communicating via the written word. These letters would seem to indicate that when our ancestors had something to say, they said it and it wasn't some , "How are you? I am fine. Please write." I have reviewed my own letters home from Vietnam and found they were sorely lacking in substance. You won't find that problem with these.

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     These letters were provided by friends of mine to allow others to see how the men in the field were experiencing and feeling during the war. The "Letters From The Past" consists of 5 letters, while the "Letters of Absolom A. Harrison" consists of 16 letters. The letters in both these series are very moving and you should give yourself enough time to read them all at least once.


Letters From The Past One of these was actually written on the battlefield shortly after the Battle of Fredericksburg!
The Letters of Absolom A. Harrison Written by a young man who joined the army on the spur of the moment. He found out later it hadn't been such a great idea! Great letters to his wife.
Letter From Private Thomas D. Newton A very moving letter from a young man to his sister. The owner of the letter was also kind enough to provide Private Newton's obituary. Another moving piece of writing.

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