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American Civil War
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        Welcome to the American Civil War Western Theater Discussion Group, or the CWWT Discussion Group for short.  Many may ask, "What was the Western Theater and how did it differ from the Eastern Theater?"  For purposes of this Discussion Group, the Western Theater of Operations is any action that did not involve Lee's Army of Northern Virginia (or any element thereof) or the Peninsula Campaign.
        Most of you, during your school years, learned a little about the great battles in the East, such as Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, etc. and how important they were, but didn't learn much about the battles in the West.  Many say that Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War. But was it? Lee's Army, though beaten and battered, managed to fight on for two more years.  This was the loss of a major battle where many lives were lost and the morale of the Confederates hit rock bottom, but it took Grant two more bloody years to finally bring Lee's army to it's knees. On the other hand, what was the significance of the surrender of Vicksburg? When Vicksburg fell the Mississippi was lost, the artery was severed and the Confederacy  would slowly bleed to death.  Many will agree that the war was to be won or lost in the West.
        It is the purpose of this group to discuss all the operations such as The Atlanta Campaign, The Vicksburg Campaign, Chattanooga, Shiloh, Chickamauga, etc. that are, at best, just glossed over in school, and at worst, ignored altogether.  Membership in the group is totally free and may be cancelled at anytime. All that is asked is that you have an interest in the Civil War's Western Theater and confine your discussions to that area.   To subscribe simply put your email address in the form below and click on join. You will be notified of acceptance.

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        For those of you that might have questions about this group, feel free to contact me at  "Shotgun's Email"  and I will be glad to try to help.  In the unlikely event you would like to be taken off this list, just click here, UNSUBSCRIBE, don't put anything in the subject, remarks, or anywhere else. Just send the beauty!   The program will detect your return email address, see that you are a registered member sending an email to "unsubscribe" and will immediately take you off the list.  It really is that simple.

After you have joined the group, or even if you elect not to, you might find this area of my website to be of some benefit: Although I have chosen to call it "The Official Records (OR)" page, it in reality contains a lot more that just some of the ORs. The battles linked from this page contain; Battle Descriptions, Organization of the Armies (Order of Battle), After Action Reports, excerpts from various sources about the battle, etc.  This is a valuable source of information when discussing Civil War Battles.

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