The Civil War Armies

This section of the website presents how the armies were formed in the beginning of the war, the organization of the armies, life in the camps, the ranks, the pay, etc. 

Administration of the Union Army This article details some of the problems encountered with the administration of the Union Army.
Army Rations Ever thought about what the Civil War Soldier ate?  It's for sure that they didn't go to the local McDonalds.
Confederate Army This explains just how the Confederate Army came into being and how it was set up.
Confederate in the Field A very interesting article written after the war by and about a young Confederate soldier who experienced his first taste of combat. Explains a lot of everyday soldier life.
Desertions in the Armies Yep, both sides had this problem.   After all, who wants to get killed!
Discipline in the Armies As if just being in the army wasn't tough enough, wait until you read this beauty!
Entertainment In Camp Ever thought about what the soldiers did to entertain themselves. Here's a nice short little article that you might find interesting.
Grand Review of the Armies For two days in May 1865 the people of Washington got to see their victorious armies pass in review.
How the Soldiers Lived A series of articles that fully describes the soldier's life, including such obscure topics as how they got their hair cut.
Invalid Corps Though wounded, they could still serve.
Life in the Camps It wasn't very exciting no matter which army you were in.
Organization of the Armies Description of how the armies were organized during the Civil War.
Rank In Both Armies If you need to know what each rank insignia looked like, enlisted and officer, of each army you just found the information.
Sharpshooters Both sides had them and neither was a pretty job!
Soldier's Pay Ever thought how much those boys in Blue and Gray were paid? Well, it wasn't much!
The Lieber Code of 1863 Instructions for the government of the armies of the United States.
Union Army Explains how the army was set up at the beginning of the war and how it was utilized during the war.
Union Forces Organization Shows how the forces were organized from the President down.