Robert Renwick
A Cabinetmaker

Judge for yourself


List of prisoners sent to Fort McHenry, October 16, 1861.

Robert Renwick, a cabinetmaker of Scotch birth; very boisterous and obnoxious in his opposition to the Government. He was detected in enlisting men for the rebel army. A box of minie rifle balls was found on his premises.


FORT HAMILTON, New York Harbor, October 18, 1861.

Robert Renwick, of Baltimore, was arrested by order of General Dix October 6, 1861, and committed to Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, and from thence transferred to Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. There are no papers on file at the Department of State showing on what charge he was arrested. November 11, 1861, from information received from a prisoner discharged from Fort Warren the stables on Renwick's premises were searched and concealed arms found. At the request of the Secretary of War, February 6, 1862, an order was issued from the Department of State dated February 6, 1862, directing Colonel Dimick, commanding at Fort Warren, to release Renwick on a parole of thirty days. He was accordingly paroled.

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