Scots in the American Civil War

     Scotsmen and women fought in the American Civil War, many not knowing the why's or the wherefore's, but they chose to fight for their adopted country, Union or Confederate, in some cases brother against brother

    The information on the following pages has been found all over the internet, in books, from snippets of information passed to us by friends and a lot of hard work by my partner Larry McGibben


On November 15th 1864,

General Sherman cut out of the back of Atlanta with 68,000 hard worn Yankees. He drove 'em down through Georgia to the sea.
With hate in their hearts they moved in a line, cutting a scar through Gods blessed country 50 miles wide, burning, looting, gutting our land like vultures.
They tore up the railroad tracks, they burnt the cotton and the gins
Lord they made everybody suffer

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Robert the Bruce to Robert E LeeAn interesting article from Southern Society Historical Papers, you may scoff, can you detail your lineage as precisely
Jefferson Davis in ScotlandThe visit of Jefferson Davis to Scotland after his release at the end of the War
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