Confederate Biographies

Alexander Davidson Brown13th Artillary, came to America in 1857 and resided in Boston before moving to Wilmington NC
Bennett BurleyThe Philos Parsons Affair, co-conspiritor with John Yeates Beale, who conceived a plan to free prisoners from Johnstons Island
John Low CSNCSS Alabama, joined as a private in the Georgia Hussars the transferred to the Navy
Marjory MacFarland MacQueen"The Thieving Yanks" Grandma Marjory MacFarland MacQueen and Aunt Penny
Henry Ronald MacIverUnder 14 Flags, a true Soldier of Fortune, born the son of a Ross-shire Clan Chief and a Virginian Planters daughter
Robert RenwickA Cabinet Maker!
Judge For yourself?
Robert MureCorrespondence on the arrest of Robert Mure, extracted from Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
Lt Col Peter J Sinclair5th North Carolina Volunteers, studied and practised law in Pittsburgh before moving south
Robert Alexander SmithYoungest of five sons and five daughters from Edinburgh, Scotland
The Campbell BrothersA interesting story that shows what this war was all about. Two brothers who fought for different sides, because of where they lived.
William Watson1st Sgt in the Pelican Rifles, captured, paroled then became a Blockade Runner
Confederate States Marine CorpsScottish Marines in the Confederate States Marine Corps
Kate CummingA Confederate Nurse, born in Edinburgh, emigrated to Canada then Alabama
Samual HenryA CSS Alabama survivor

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