Larry McGibben US Army Ret'd

Allan Mitchell Royal Marines Ret'd



Larry is a 26 year veteran U.S. Ranger. He lives in Kentucky (The Dark and Bloody Ground) and is a keen historian of the Late War of Southern Independance.
He is of course of Scottish descent like so many of his states people, and he can trace his family back to the 1750's when they came over from the "Auld" country during the Highland Clearances after Culloden.
One of his claims to fame (or infamy as the case may be) is his clan is a sept of the Clan Campbell famous for the Massacre of Glencoe.
Between us we are researching Scots who fought or were involved with the Civil War.


Allan is an ex Royal Marine and lives in Inverness, Scotland. The Highland Capital and the epi-centre of the Highland Clearances. I actually live within 3 miles of the Battlefield at Culloden, within 300 yards of Culloden House, where Bonnie Prince Charlie had his meal on the night before the battle.
My interest in the Civil War began in the early 90's when visiting the United States on holiday. I turned in to Petersburg, Virginia was directed to the battlefield by the tourist office and I've been hooked ever since.
The idea for the site came when Larry e-mailed me something he had found in OR's about a Scotsman and he thought I might be interested.
Well you can see I was, and WE ARE.

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